The Changes In This Year’s Gaming Event And Min-Liang Tan’s Contribution


The annual gaming event is happening this month. However, there are slight changes in this year’s event. One of them is the unveiling of new hardware from Razer, one of the leading gaming firms globally. The reputable company has been working on the hardware for some time using the latest technology, and its CEO believes it will significantly transform the industry.

In this year’s event, Min-Liang Tan will have the privilege of giving the opening speech, which is the first time Razor has had this privilege since the gaming event started. The event brings together the most reputable gaming companies from different countries. Therefore, Razer getting the honors to give the inaugural remarks is an enormous privilege. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase their innovation that will make gaming better.

The 2021 gaming event will happen live and through the internet. That will enable more people to attend the event, especially in countries where there are movement restrictions.

When giving the keynote speech, the Razer CEO will share the stage with other gaming experts who will also introduce their gaming innovations. Besides, viewers from the live event and those watching from different locations will engage the organizers. Gaming fans can watch the event through all Razor social media pages and other streaming platforms.

Razer has built a good reputation all over the world during the years it has been operating. Today, the reputable gaming brand has millions of clients on different continents. Its products that offer various solutions to gaming fans have facilitated its success. Refer to this article for additional information.

Min Liang Tan is a professional lawyer who has acquired the relevant certificates to offer legal services from the university. However, he has not provided legal services for the last 15 years since he started working for the gaming company. However, since he made the career switch, Min-Liang has enjoyed more success and achieved more than what he achieved in his legal profession.


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