Two Lives, One Purpose: Joseph Ashford Ellis

The names Mason White and Joseph Ashford Ellis may be worlds apart but they are lined in one significant way. Joseph Ashford Ellis was raised in the city of Bournemouth and is a business CEO. He founded a company called K4 Global in 2014 and has been a success ever since. Mason White is a young boy with epidermolysis bullosa.

It is a condition that renders the skin very fragile and minor contusions can become very painful. The link between them is the Butterfly Foundation and here is a little more on the founder and why it means so much to him.

Joseph Ashford Ellis has been a determined man all of his life. His relatives died within months of each other and the Bournemouth native was shaped in a way that made him more determined than ever to succeed and treasure the small things in life.

When he founded his company K4 Global, he wanted to do the best he can. He wanted to lead by example and make it the best company it can be. When he heard the story of Mason White, he knew he wanted to do something.

This is when he created the Butterfly Foundation. Joseph Ashford Ellis is the head of the organization and it is so named because the skin of kids with EB is as delicate as a butterfly’s wings. He wants to do all he can to get the word out about this disease and the effect that it has on children.

He is determined to do all he can to help all of the kids with EB. He has a passion for it and wants others to learn from his example. He wants to take the lead in helping find a definitive cure for this terrible, very painful ailment. Go Here for related Information.

 Laws Marwan Kheireddine helped to draft

Marwan Kheireddine once served as a minister for the state in Lebanon. Under his leadership, there were several laws he helped draft. The laws played a great role in strengthening the financial sector in Lebanon. People face several issues as they try to access financial services from Lebanon. He is highly experienced in dealing with different issues. His ability to come up with the right laws played a crucial role in achieving great success as a banker and a minister. Follow Marwan Kheireddine’s Twitter

Cross-Border Cash Limitation Law

There are several laws that Marwan Kheireddine helped formulate. Among the laws he played a great role in formulating is the gross border cash limitation law. Lebanon has the best laws that regulate the financial sector in the region. His ability to develop the right laws contributed to making the country grow in its financial sector. Working with other stakeholders contributed to making him achieve success.

Capital Markets Law

The capital markets law in Lebanon is among the laws that Marwan Kheireddine helped formulate. The different steps he took to draft the law played a crucial role in making the banking sector in Lebanon stay secure. He is a highly reliable expert who has been very practical in coming up with the most effective strategies that have contributed to making him grow the financial sector in Lebanon. His draft laws where of great help to the economy.

Anti-Money Laundering Law

It is another law where Marwan Kheireddine played a crucial role. Many people are eager to do business in Lebanon, and they are safe because of the antilaundering laws. The law protects citizens against the effects of money laundering. He knows how the financial sector works, and that is why he came up with the right laws. His contribution to the company’s financial sector has been of great help in making the sector stay secure.

Joey Feste has been Working in the Financial Industry

Joey Feste Has Been Making His Clients Happy For Over Three Decades

Joey Feste has been working in the financial industry for more than 30 years. Feste attended the University of Texas, and in 1987, he earned a BA in Economics. Upon graduation, he was hired by Rolan Mosely, which is now known as Paine Webber. He was hired for the position of investment advisor. He left Paine Webber and joined the team at Morgan Stanley. While at Morgan Stanley, he continued in the position of an investment advisor.

Joey Feste enjoyed working at Morgan Stanley, and while there, a part of his clientele base were athletes. Festes quickly discovered that he was unable to provide certain services to his clients. His hands were tied due to the structure of Morgan Stanely.

To serve his clients better, in 2014, Feste decided to venture out on his own. He founded KM Capital Management, which is located in Texas. The goal of the company is to help clients that have unique circumstances develop a personal financial plan that meets their specific needs. The company takes pride in the fact that they create one individualized financial plan at a time. Feste’s position at KM Capital Management is Senior Managing Partner.

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