Eduardo Sonoda Takes a Deep Dive into Marketing Trends

After nearly 30 years as a top-notch professional and entrepreneur in the marketing sector, Eduardo Sonoda is celebrated as a marketing industry guru. Among his top accomplishments is founding Eduardo Sonoda Advisory, a first-class marketing firm that now serves Inc. 5000 companies. In addition to this, he has been the brains behind some of the unique marketing strategies that the companies have implemented over their last two decades. During a recent interview with Forbes, Sonoda took a deep dive into marketing trends.

What are the forces behind marketing trends?

This marketing guru mentioned that either internal or external factors could influence marketing trends. Some of the internal factors are finances and production. He stated that a business with massive financial muscles could quickly adopt a robust marketing campaign. Additionally, companies adopt different marketing strategies when launching new products.

Eduardo Sonoda stated that, on the other, external factors impacting marketing trends include the economy, competition, sociocultural considerations, and demographics. He pointed out that businesses adopt different marketing strategies when the economy is flourishing well to when the economy is failing. Moreover, having a highly competitive business environment means that enterprises rely on various marketing strategies to attract more customers. The Eduardo Sonoda Advisory founder clarified that different markets have different sociocultural preferences that must be considered when coming with marketing campaigns. Additionally, the demographics of a market will also determine the marketing strategy that a company will use.

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What are the most promising marketing trends today?

This accomplished entrepreneur mentioned that the last two years had been particularly challenging for businesses. As a result, many companies have had to shift their marketing strategies. Eduardo Sonoda pointed out that the most promising marketing trends at the moment are businesses getting into innovative partnerships and increased customer participation. He said that companies are also coming up with marketing campaigns geared towards building customer trust and making human connections.

Meet Miki Agrawal: The Woman Who Created Tushy Toiletry Systems

Miki Agrawal is the woman behind Tushy, a company that specializes in toiletry systems for women and men. The article starts with Miki’s background: she was born in India and grew up in Canada before moving to New York City to work as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. She then became a hedge fund manager at Point72 Asset Management before quitting her job last year. In this article, we’ll explore Miki’s story and how she got started with Tushy!


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The article makes the point that female needs in toiletry systems aren’t catered to like men’s are. Miki Agrawal decided to create a system that caters specifically to women’s unique hygiene and health needs, such as using wipes instead of toilet paper. Women often regulate their bathroom habits depending on how they feel- whether it be due to menstruation, pregnancy, stress or other reasons. The idea of an all-in-one kit that can be used for any situation is what made Miki think to create Tushy!

The article points out that Tushy is a small business, but they have big celebrity endorsements. Stars who use and endorse Tushy include Miley Cyrus, Chrissy Teigen, Rachael Ray and more! But as with any startup business, it’s not easy to keep up with demand. Miki Agrawal says she had to convince her dad to move back from India and help Tushy keep up with their supply!

Miki Agrawal grew up in Calgary, Canada, which is where her company Tushy was born. Now she splits her time between New York City and Los Angeles! Miki’s goal for Tushy is to make it a household name by 2020. She believes that there are 500 million women in the world who need this product, so if she can convince even 10% of them to use Tushy daily, that could be a huge business!

The article points out that Miki has been in the news before founding Wink Soap. It was a company that created soap from recycled coffee cups and single-use items.

 The Alterations Mahmoud Khattab did to survive the Pandemic

To survive the Pandemic, it required CEOs to have the necessary grit and renew their strategies to maintain operations in the market. In their response to the COVID-19 –bred business operations emergency, many CEOs had to channel their resources and energy towards responding to its effects. It includes altering their operations by providing the needed supplies and services. For instance, clothing manufactures made masks and PPEs, chemical firms made hand sanitizers, and transportation companies used their planes and ships to deliver the ventilators.

Mr. Mahmoud Khattab is the chief executive officer of Precision MD, driven by the urge to serve humanity. He is anticipating an economic boom that will result from the mass vaccination programs running in different regions. Despite the challenges met during the Pandemic, his focus remained.

Moreover, Mahmoud Khattab had to look for new markets for opportunities to enable him to grow. A huge junk of CEOs is expecting their company’s revenue to go back to their initial income levels before the Pandemic, while the rest think it will take a little longer. This shift involved looking for new markets as sources of opportunities through the new mechanisms formulated. As cost-cutting falls, the workforce rises in the priority list in the second shift. Recent emphasis on unique areas was put and relinquished others. For instance, the labor force gained momentum.

This rapid rise of the labor force confirms his acknowledgment of the role of skilled talent in enabling organizations to grow. The cost management dropped, although it remains among the priorities of most firms. Finally, the third shift is investments in digital development motives. It involves increasing investments in the digital abilities of the firm. The facilities, capital equipment, and property plunged due to the impact of hybrid work models on facility needs. The legal, compliance and risk management, marketing, and hiring also significantly declined. Learn more about Mahmoud Khattab on Healthgrades

 Brandon Taubman Boosts Real Estate Sales With Science

When asked to name a scientific discipline, most individuals think of biology or chemistry. Although data science is not as widely known, it has as much influence on modern life as more popular scientific disciplines. Brandon Taubman is a data scientist who harnesses the power of data science to boost commercial real estate profits.

Taubman’s current professional venture is as the Chief Information Officer at Stablewood Properties. This commercial real estate company boasts a $20 Billion annual market share in this lucrative industry. Brandon Taubman and his team of professional data scientists work alongside seasoned real estate professionals to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

In the commercial real estate world, success depends on making accurate predictions. Real estate companies typically consider only a few factors when analyzing the market for profitability. On the other hand, Taubman prefers a comprehensive approach and examines every possible facet.

Boil the ocean” is the phrase Taubman uses to describe his approach to considering a potential real estate investment. When he and the other Stablewood data scientists analyze a piece of commercial real estate, they focus on potential growth in demand, population, and income. By examining long-term data, the Stablewood team can get a glimpse of a property’s future growth.

Brandon Taubman revealed the value of data in a recent interview: it is a “structured interpretation of history.” In Taubman’s world, structured data can do more than provide an enhanced understanding of the past; business leaders can use it to help build the future.

At Taubman’s previous position, the information innovator made the Houston Astros into a World Series-winning team by providing the data they needed to make better playing decisions. As Brandon Taubman continues his work with Stablewood Properties, investors are eager for similarly candid portraits of prospective investment properties.

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 Laws Marwan Kheireddine helped to draft

Marwan Kheireddine once served as a minister for the state in Lebanon. Under his leadership, there were several laws he helped draft. The laws played a great role in strengthening the financial sector in Lebanon. People face several issues as they try to access financial services from Lebanon. He is highly experienced in dealing with different issues. His ability to come up with the right laws played a crucial role in achieving great success as a banker and a minister. Follow Marwan Kheireddine’s Twitter

Cross-Border Cash Limitation Law

There are several laws that Marwan Kheireddine helped formulate. Among the laws he played a great role in formulating is the gross border cash limitation law. Lebanon has the best laws that regulate the financial sector in the region. His ability to develop the right laws contributed to making the country grow in its financial sector. Working with other stakeholders contributed to making him achieve success.

Capital Markets Law

The capital markets law in Lebanon is among the laws that Marwan Kheireddine helped formulate. The different steps he took to draft the law played a crucial role in making the banking sector in Lebanon stay secure. He is a highly reliable expert who has been very practical in coming up with the most effective strategies that have contributed to making him grow the financial sector in Lebanon. His draft laws where of great help to the economy.

Anti-Money Laundering Law

It is another law where Marwan Kheireddine played a crucial role. Many people are eager to do business in Lebanon, and they are safe because of the antilaundering laws. The law protects citizens against the effects of money laundering. He knows how the financial sector works, and that is why he came up with the right laws. His contribution to the company’s financial sector has been of great help in making the sector stay secure.


Alpha Group was founded in 2002, in the United Kingdom, by a British-Indian Entrepreneur called Bhanu Choudhrie. The firm is a private equity company with big stakes and interest in developing markets, including aviation, healthcare, hospitality and real estate.

The company works to help start-ups get on their feet and other already established companies to get into the new market territory. C&C Alpha is very particular about firms that they partner with and this is because partnerships require a lot of time and energy to operate smoothly.

In 2006, Bhanu Choudhrie joined the airline industry and started the Alpha Aviation Group, a subsidiary of C&C Alpha that trains commercial airline pilots using Multi-Pilot Licensing. MPL uses simulator training, effectively cutting down on in-flight training for pilots from 230 hours to 70 hours.

This translates to approximately two years which is a significant reduction from the five years that pilots had to undergo training using traditional methods. Similarly, this reduction in time from simulator training has led to reducing costs used in pilot training. Alpha Aviation Group now meets the needs of all the budget airlines that send in their pilots for training and has made it possible for airlines to increase their fleet size.

Bhanu Choudhrie also believes in giving back to society. His philanthropic works focus on helping children and young adults, abled or disabled, to realize their dreams. He has participated in several charitable works, including sponsoring EMS, the Emerging Markets Symposium held by Oxford Green College every year.

The symposium organizes research and policies in developing economies angled toward tackling human welfare issues. Bhanu Choudhrie was also the chair for the Commonwealth Games advisory board in 2010 when the games were held in India that year. He says that it is a Hindu philosophy that when you give more, you receive more. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Facebook Page.

Miki Agrawal, Best Selling Author Inspires Readers One Page at a Time

Miki Agrawal is an author, entrepreneur, social activist and public speaker. She has been featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday as well as in the New York Times. Miki Agrawal was named one of Forbes’s “30 Under 30” list of rising stars in the business world for her work with Thinx Corporation.

Her first book, Do Cool Shit: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After was published in 2015 by Grand Central Publishing.

Miki Agrawal is also the co-founder of Tushy (a bidet company) and WILD (a health food company). Her latest project is THINX , a company that makes tights with secret pockets for pads and tampons. They are currently available in six styles, come in four colors, are made from high quality materials, and sell at a reasonable price.

Miki has been featured on ABC Nightline, Forbes, The New York Times, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine , and more for her work with Thinx.

She is a regular speaker at both Fortune and TedXTalks and was named one of today’s most influential women entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine. Miki has an MBA from the University of Michigan School of Business.


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Miki was born in Canada to Indian parents, moved back to India when she was two and moved back to Canada when she was 11. Miki’s parents were raised in India, but fled the country because of the caste system and later sent for their children.

Miki Agrawal is a disabled woman who has lived with chronic pain since she was 19 years old. She has been open about living with endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

She currently lives in New York City with her husband who is also the CTO of Thinx. They were married in June 2016.

Miki has given numerous speeches about feminism, gender equality, her personal struggles with illness and disability.

She has given several TEDx Talks which you can find on YouTube.

Miki believes that period underwear will minimize women’s struggles during their periods by providing them with more security and confidence in themselves.

Joey Feste has been Working in the Financial Industry

Joey Feste Has Been Making His Clients Happy For Over Three Decades

Joey Feste has been working in the financial industry for more than 30 years. Feste attended the University of Texas, and in 1987, he earned a BA in Economics. Upon graduation, he was hired by Rolan Mosely, which is now known as Paine Webber. He was hired for the position of investment advisor. He left Paine Webber and joined the team at Morgan Stanley. While at Morgan Stanley, he continued in the position of an investment advisor.

Joey Feste enjoyed working at Morgan Stanley, and while there, a part of his clientele base were athletes. Festes quickly discovered that he was unable to provide certain services to his clients. His hands were tied due to the structure of Morgan Stanely.

To serve his clients better, in 2014, Feste decided to venture out on his own. He founded KM Capital Management, which is located in Texas. The goal of the company is to help clients that have unique circumstances develop a personal financial plan that meets their specific needs. The company takes pride in the fact that they create one individualized financial plan at a time. Feste’s position at KM Capital Management is Senior Managing Partner.

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Miki Agrawal Pushing the boundaries

Miki Agrawal is a name synonymous with breaking taboos. Her dedication to Challenging the status quo has fundamentally changed American culture. Well, Miki Agrawal started her business journey with WILD, a gluten-free pizza restaurant in Newyork. It was modeled as a farm-to-table business and was the first in New York.


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She went ahead and started THINX, a business that created reusable underwear for periods. Under this venture, she has been able to donate pads to Ugandan school girls.

Her recent project is Called TUSHY, another norm-defying business with environmental protection in mind.

All her businesses are geared towards addressing a dire need in the market, and it is no wonder her companies are now valued at over 200 million US dollars.

TUSHY’s Eco-friendly toilet

Tushy is a company that is trying to address the global sanitation problems. Miki Agrawal’s idea was borne from the fact that wiping yourself with toilet paper is ineffective. It can also cause health issues like UTI, yeast infections, hemorrhoids, anal itching, and anal fissures, to mention but a few.

Moreover, 15 million trees are felled in America to create toilet rolls, thus creating an environmental disaster.

TUSHY designed a Toilet paper alternative called Tushy Bidet, which is attached to the toilet. With such a unique product and in the middle Covid19 pandemic, TUSHY broke records and sold over one million dollars worth of products in a single day.

Mother and a wife

Miki Agrawal is a wife, a mother and is a twin sister to Daybreaker Radha Agrawal. She has been named among Inc. magazine’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs,” the World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders,” and in “Most Creative People” by Fast Company.

Breaking the taboos

Miki Agrawal affirms that she “love love love” to question something and provide an excellent solution at the same time.

Giving The Chance: Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta has been in business for many years. One of the things that he learned when he was young was the value of giving back to others. He puts that into a simple but true phrase. He says that we come into the world with nothing and we leave with nothing. That is why I am donating all of my things to charity. He wants to leave this world better off than when he came into it. That is the legacy he wants to leave.

Vinod Gupta set up his own charitable foundation and made a contribution to a school in 1991. It is called the Gupta School of Management. He gave his own endowment of two million dollars to the school and he did not stop there. He wanted to do more. He also set up the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property. This is for young lawyers who want to get into the practice of intellectual property and its applications. He did this in 2006 and contributed another two million dollars of his own money.

When he was growing up Vinod Gupta didn’t have the things that some people take for granted. He was able to make something of himself and go to college. This is what gave him his passion for helping others. He also went to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He has a Bachelor’s Degree, two Master’s Degrees, and three doctorate degrees. It is a very impressive feat. He was also able to spring into action and help those affected by the pandemic. He was one of the first to help India with supplies when it hit.

This is what Vinod Gupta was meant to do. He loves being able to make the community better. He knows what to do in troubled times.