Top News Writer Simon Denyer Leaving the Washington Post

Simon Denyer has been at the Washington Post for more than a decade and will be leaving to take on a role with the New York Times. Simon is well-known for his work in Asia, most recently reporting from North Korea, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Simon’s departure was announced by Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron who said that Simon had “proven himself as one of our country’s most talented journalists.”

Simon Denyer will be replaced by Michelle Ye Hee Lee, a Post reporter specializing in coverage of politics and the federal government who will move from The Post’s headquarters to Hong Kong. Lee is well-known for her role as a fact-checker at the U.S. political news website The Fix, where she collates claims made by political figures and checks them against publicly available data.

Simon came to The Post from the UK, where he had begun his career with Reuters, covering South Africa and Rwanda. He moved to Hong Kong in 2000 as bureau chief of the Far Eastern Economic Review, later becoming its Asia editor.

After leaving Hong Kong, Simon joined The Post in 2003, covering the start of the war in Iraq, before moving to Tokyo in 2006 as that bureau’s Asia correspondent. He has also worked extensively on China, reporting from Tibet during the 2008 uprising against Chinese rule and from Beijing for four years until 2012 when he became bureau chief in South Asia.

Simon Denyer won the Pulitzer Prize, for reporting at Washington Pos. He won the 2015 Asia Society Osborn Elliot prize for excellence in journalism on Asia, social media category; the George Polk award in 2010 for his story about China’s censorship of search terms related to the June 4 Tiananmen crackdown; and the South African TUC ’s global media award in 2001 for his coverage of South Africa.

Simon will be moving to New York to take up a role at the New York Times. Simon said that he was “looking forward to joining an institution that has always defined the highest standards of journalism”.

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Abdulla Al Humaidi Plan Theme Park Resort in London

Abdulla Al Humaidi is the founder and chief executive officer of the investment firm Kuwaiti European Holding Company (KEH). His company is invested in the hospitality and medical sectors. The countries it has investments in include Kuwait, the United Kingdom and Egypt. Abdulla Al Humaidi studied medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Among his holdings is Armila Capital. This is an investment banking firm that was founded in 2012. 


Abdulla Al Humaidi has also invested in the Ebbsfleet United Football Club, which is in Northfleet and competes in the National League South. His biggest investment is in London Resort, which is set to open in 2024. London Resort is expected to cost $3.6 billion to build. It will be on a 535-acre site next to the River Thames (Arabnews). 


You will be able to get to it by train from Central London in just 17 minutes. Abdulla Al Humaidi has signed partnership deals on the project with ITV Studios, the BBC and Paramount Pictures. Abdulla Al Humaidi said the park will be built in phases. The first section of The London Resort will open in 2024 and the second by 2026. It will eventually have six themed lands which are High Street, The Jungle, The Isles, The Kingdom, The Woods and The Studio. The Kingdom will have fantasy elements such as dragons and sorcery. The Jungle will be themed as a lost Mesoamerican civilization.

Robert Bull’s Interview: RoyaleLife’s CEO

RoyaleLife is the predominant bungalow provider in the United Kingdom for individuals aged 45 years and above. Robert Bull is the company’s CEO, and his robust leadership has triggered massive revolutions referred to as Bungalow Lifestyle. This agenda ensured manageable ingress to gated communities’ single-story structures offering a luxurious lifestyle in different impressive locations.

RoyaleLife has succeeded because of the Home Part Trade-off Program that assures interested buyers wholesome prevailing home market value. For instance, the firm can value a home at 450,000 Euros and acquire it at 300,000 Euros and leave the rest to the owner. Therefore, the homeowner gets a new home and some money in the bank to assure a stress-free situation.

Robert Bull claims that the company does not include extra unaccounted costs because the solicitor, agent, and stamp duty fees are catered to. All these furnished homes are made comfortable with the best appliances. Robert Bull has led the company wisely to expand and grow it significantly, and currently, it has more than 54 developments with 30 others in varying levels of planning.

In his whole career Bull has been a visionary individual who instigates massive advancement for the agencies, and he describes the bungalow living idea and how it will change the phase of residential services in the UK.

RoyaleLife was started in 1945. The business has a firm reputation created for many years, and it has bridged the gap in the market for the last ten years. The conventional home constructors had abandoned bungalows because they thought that apartments or family homes were the best for the retirees, but the single-story living demand increased tremendously.

The NHBC attributed this to releasing capital, low maintenance as well as running costs as to why the retirees were downsizing. Therefore, Robert Bull dealt with the issue to satisfy the niche’s expectations.

Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi Achievements in the Construction Market

In the Brazilian business industry, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi is considered to be one of the most influential personalities. The businessman is the force behind Sail Engenharia. As a major player in the Brazilian constriction department, the executive loves to set the bar high for the other younger people in the market. The company established by Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi has done a very good job for the Curitiba community where it is based. The construction department always fascinates the business in numerous ways. Starting Sail was a dream come true in the year 1990. When setting up this company, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi, had so many plans for his team. The Curitiba community was only specializing in the construction of old and traditional plans because they did not have someone to guide them about the modern techniques. When the Brazilian expert came into the picture, he began to change everything in a positive way. Edenilso believes that getting into the Brazilian construction section changed his life for the best. For over thirty years now, the entrepreneur has brought out the best out of the constructions he has carried out. 

Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi decided to get married more than thirty three years ago. When making this decision, the entrepreneur had just turned twenty seven years old, and he lived in an ordinary location in Maringa. The executive was operating a tiny business in this region with the help of two other engineers. Having a great career background in the engineering section helped Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi to start Sail and deal with the competition in the engineering department. The businessman, however, had to relocate with his small family to settle in an ideal place so that the company could thrive. When creating the construction platform, the entrepreneur was not thinking about a huge venture because he did not have the resources. The small business, however, grew with time because it had the interest of customers at heart.

Dr. Chris Brummer Secrets of Success

Dr. Chris Brummer has brought numerous positive changes in the international law industry. The talented law professor has always ensured that he remains extremely productive when performing any career duty. Early planning and excellent execution of these plans always makes Chris be ahead of other competitors in the market. Because the professor has a lot on his plate on a daily basis, he gives his emails the first priority when handling the tasks of the day. These emails come from various quarters and destinations of the world. After getting done with his emails, Dr. Chris Brummer starts to handle his numerous teaching activities at the Georgetown region. The business guru loves to give back to the Georgetown communities too. Every now and then, the professor takes some time off to engage in non-profit making activities and giving a helping hand to people who want to enquire about anything concerning their academics. Dr. Chris Brummer is also very aware of the importance of being updated on current trends and events in the international arena. Chris loves it when he meets people who can share information and discussions about law and academics. Talking about these topics in any forum makes the professor very happy. 

Dr. Chris Brummer does not go for shortcuts to make sure his ideas have been turned into great businesses. The professor believes in hard work for every milestone in his career. When people think and sit down to wait for results, they only wake up in the same position. After thinking hard about an idea and researching, the next point is to take action and bring results. Dr. Chris Brummer loves getting ahead of other people when it comes to technology issues. Technology has brought the best out of every industry, and Brummer is content with how the global community is handling the digital transformation in various departments.

Successful Professional Journey of Payam Banazadeh

Capella Space lead executive Payma Banazadeh has ventured into his satellite imaging Silicon Valley company that utilizes technology to offer SAR for imaging the surface of the earth regardless of any weather or time situations. SAR satellites provide an impressive ability that allows the emission and creation of its wine energy reflected on the earth’s surface.

After graduating from Texas University and attaining an Aerospace Engineering degree of Magna Cum Laude, he received in 2012 an award of Texas Outstanding Scholar and Leader because of his superiority and exceptional performance in academics and leadership. While in the university, Payam helped in inspiring and educating students of STEM. He repeatedly promoted agency tenure with the Lead Project System Engineer agency. 

Payam received an award of a NASA Mariner at the agency, which was due to his leadership in his mission that generated two projects of multi-million-dollar revenue. He also acquired an outstanding performance award from NASA Discovery due to his ability to formulate great and fresh projects and concepts for NASA.

When he left NASA, Payam joined Stanford University through an NSF sponsorship, where he achieved a business degree. Together with William Woods, they founded their company, Capella Space which was meant to offer services on planet monitoring via space and give transparent data based on various industries. The creativity of the firm instigated partial inspiration after Flight 370 Malaysian Airlines disappeared. Payam and his partner agreed they would use modern technology to investigate the flights’ disappearance.

Capella has earned its spot in satellite monitoring works, and recently it launched a first planned satellite constellation that monitors the earth called Sequoia. It is proof of the company serving its unique concepts related to detailed data provided on the earth’s activities on its surface. Images had begun being beamed from the satellite as seen at Capella’s headquarters. The Amazon rainforest look was also noticed together with the El Salvador Volcano of Santa Ana and Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.