Desiree Perez Milestone in The Entertainment Industry

Desiree Perez is popularly known for her endless effort to transition the entertainment, sports, and music sector. She is the Chief Executive Officer at Roc Nation, where she plays a major role in managing a dizzyingly compound business that includes artists, .music labels, and event management. She has also managed to establish an entertainment company in partnership with Jay-Z. The company’s growth has been impressive for just a year. She has also established Roc Nation School specializing in music, sports, and entrainment at Long Island University. The establishment of the school was purposed to serve the daughter of Cuban immigrants, who first met her managing nightclubs in New York City.

At the place of work, she got an opportunity to meet Jay-Z to establish the foundation. Also, the school will offer opportunities for the local’s and homegrown talent to promote the future entertainment industry. Desiree Perez has a dream to teach the next generations of entertainment leaders to bring out the best in the industry. Roc Nation School is set to launch in 2021 with the central vision to pass understanding to the younger generation of leadership. Desiree Perez believes education is the key to the nation’s problem, and her vision is to offer a solution to young people.

Leadership should not always be about governance but the values and impacts it brings to society. According to Desiree Perez’s lessons on leadership, she brings out the value of persistence, hard work, and seeking new opportunities. When it comes to hard work, she has set a good example and urge everyone always to work harder than the next person staying authentic to themselves. Good leadership is the key that unlocks greater success, and Desiree Perez has set a good example. For aspiring leaders, one should be ready to learn and listen carefully. Be ready to be a good listener before you talk to come up with a wise decision.

We Can Help You Identify, Apply, And Access Government Funding, Grants Assist Tells Entrepreneurs

For several years, the Australian government has issued billions of dollars in grants to local entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profit organizations, and startup ventures. The aim is to see those businesses thrive. One company, Grants Assist, is also playing an important role. From its name, it is evident that Grants Assist aims at ensuring the right individuals and organizations access the right funding from the government. Through a recent press statement, Grants Assist congratulated the few Aussies who are stepping up to get what rightly belongs to them from their government. However, Grants Assist complained about the low turnout of those seeking government funding yet the government allocated sufficient funding for various groups.

“We are happy that many people are now getting to know how the government can help them in their businesses. Each year, we see a rise in the number of those visiting our offices to acquaint themselves with the various grant options given by our government. However, there’s one thing that is of a major concern to us – the number of those who want the grants is still low,” said Grants Assist. According to the organizations, although the government sets aside billions of dollars each year for various startups, only a handful of such startups show up. In the same statement, Grants Assist continues to show a few grant options the government provides.

Some of the grants available include business grants, non-profit grants that are meant for non-profit organizations, industry-specific grants and startup grants aimed at helping promising startup ventures that either fail to secure liquid funds or are stuck because the demand exceeded their budget. To help organizations and individuals acquire the right funding from the government, Grants Assist helps in the primary application, preparation of the necessary documentation, consultancy in understanding the various parts of the application procedure, and accessing the funds.