Vic Bansal

More than six years ago, many nation’s came together to form the Paris agreement to fight climate change. With an important goal of keeping the global temperature under 2 degrees Celsius. Vik Bansal is the Managing director and CEO of EAF also known as Electric Arc Furnace, a manufacturer of lower carbon steel called Infrabuild. Bansal speaks of sustainability and caring about the environment.

According to a study by The European Union , a ton of steep made by scrap metal will use about 75 percent less energy than the virgin iron ore. Bansel believes a set of goals and a clear policy is what’s important. Steel is important for many things in the world including the homes we live in and the cars we drive. If we did not have steel, we would lose many vital things we are dependent on such as bridges and utensils. The steel industry employs about 6.1 million people and also reaches people outside of the country.

When steel is made it becomes a permanent resource. Steel is one of the materials in the world that doesn’t lose its quality and can be recycled. In the 19th century the use of EAC also known as Electric Arc furnace was invented. Instead of using Cole, scrap steel is charged.

Vic is an industrial leader. He has a record of strong growth for many stakeholders. Vic is the Cheif Executive Officer of Infrabuild, Australia’s leading steel manufacturing and recycling business. He worked hard to transform his buisness and also the waste management sector.

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