The Success Story of the Online Trading Academy Highlighted During the Stevie Awards

The online trading academy aims at educating entrepreneurs on how to invest their money in the money market. The academy has different classes for various students; they have experienced tutors and are online traders who have made it in the market.

The online trading school is known worldwide and has won numerous awards like the international business awards; it honors companies that recognize everyone no matter where they are. They aim to support companies that design better investment tools; and companies that make a difference in the market.

They won the Stevie Awards for their skills-building, advancing the financial market, and creating confidence in many online traders for having a unique strategy for both investors and traders. In this case, many people have been able to make short-term and long-term plans.

They have developed a virtual and physical classroom set up to allow students to interact with their teachers. For the twenty-five years of its existence, the academy has grown to more than 35 countries globally, and more than half a million people have attended their online classes. They have a free start-up class to help students decide whether to proceed or not.

The academy was honored for taking a risk, and having good customer service, has impacted many people globally. In 2019, the academy also won the product innovation award and best Fintech award designed for companies with less than one thousand employees but changed due to many nominations. How each company handles their employees and customers play a huge role in the Stevie Awards.

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