The Insights of San Diego CEO Jason Hughes

The Emergence of Jason on the San Diego scene

Many of us have dreams and aspirations, and for a lot of us those dreams & aspirations take the form of wanting to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur. The idea of being your own boss being ever so seductive. But for Jason Hughes, this aspiration is not a dream, but reality. Jason had begun his career in commercial project development in the heat of the market boom in the 80’s, initially working under Cushman & Wakefield within the Century City location of Los Angeles. 


After bidding farewell to Cushman & Wakefield, Jason then packed his bags and moved to San Diego. Once Jason Hughes had set foot in the Californian city, he immediately began enacting his goals for establishing a premier firm within the city. His Hughes Marino firm is dedicated toward commercial project development. Jason Hughes hasn’t looked back ever since, and for nearly thirty years he and his wife have been on the absolute forefront of commercial development within the city of San Diego. Not limiting themselves to merely one city, their project development firm (known as Hughes Marino) has also expanded its office space all across the nation. 


Hughes Marino was also awarded the SDBJ 2017 “Large Contractor Award for Best Overall Project Team. Successful businessman and CEO Jason Hughes is already a represented key figure in the industry as well. This, due to him having pioneered such things as the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill for California; a new state law increasing transparency for tenants and requiring them to receive advisory when dealing with conflicts of interest. Over the years, Jason has continued to show himself as a force in his prime within the commercial development of California; and there’s no sign of him or his wife slowing down. 


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