Asot Michael Political Career and Contribution to the Socio-Political Issues in Antigua and Barbuda

The expert  politician Asot Michael is a prominent leader, and a member of parliament in the government of Antigua and Barbuda elected under the Labor Party. Asot Michael emphasizes that his grandfather was instrumental in the survival of the Labor Party and went to the extent of selling his business to ensure the party thrives. In addition, the family has also played a significant role in Antigua and Barbuda socially and politically. Asot Michael points out that his entry into the political arena under the Labour Party has been receiving opposition from some individuals within the political class. Though the criticism stems from his skin color and wealth, he insists that he is Lebanese. 


Though his great grandparents were poor peasants, the generations after them, him included, have worked hard to achieve their dreams and acquire the wealth they possess legitimately. Asot Michael is a proponent for social change and inclusivity and believes that everybody deserves equal treatment regardless of color or race. He is actively involved in socio-political undertakings to improve the lives of his constituents. Asot Michael grew up with a lifelong passion for business and economics and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Barry University. He also holds an MBA from the University of Miami. Through his education abroad, Michael amassed knowledge that has significantly informed his leadership style and success in politics. 


After his studies, Asot Michael embarked on public service in Antigua and Barbuda. He was privileged to serve in multiple roles such as the Special Administrative Assistant, Chief of Staff, senator and Leader of Government Business. Notably, Michael’s commitment to advocacy for socially and economically empowerment has been unmatched (Europeanbusinessreview). 


In addition, throughout his leadership growth, his attributes of equality and innovation of solutions have always stood out. His constituents at the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party have lauded Asot Michael for his ability to distribute resources and development projects without favoritism.  As a progressive thinker and philanthropist besides being a lover of education, the honorable politician helped raise funds to back the renovation of two schools neglected for years in his constituency. Exercising his duty as a legislator, Michael commends the 2021 budget as it aims to strengthen the economy amid the pandemic and emphasizes the need to back manufacturing and export industries to increase revenue generation, jobs and ease the economy overdependence on tourism by the Antigua and Barbuda government.

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