John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour IOA Sports Partners

The core of insurance is preparing, expecting, and covering risks. The Insurance Office of America has been looking for ways to protect such risks using a customer-centric approach. For years, the company has been supporting sports team roles by offering them customized partnerships and coverage. IOA’s segment of partnering with athletes has bloomed because of the Insurance Office of America’s modified care commitment.

IOA was founded in 1988 by John Ritenour, the father of Heath Ritenour, the company’s Chief Executive Officer since 2008. The company continues to provide guided support through hard work and determination. As a result, the insurance company continues to dominate the insurance industry.

Insurance Office of America’s Insurance Coverage for Major Sports Teams

Insurance coverage for sports teams is complicated. According to John Ritenour, football is a risky sport even though all sports have potential complex issues and drawbacks. To cover sports’ potential concerns and dangers, insurance experts need to honestly know the team to help them get the proper coverage. In addition, an insurance expert has to know everything going on in the business, or they might miss important things.

John Ritenour notes that you have to think of the worst circumstances in the insurance industry. To do that well, you have to discover blind spots and hideous risks and educate your clients on the risk. Then leave them the decision of acquiring a policy cover for the risk or not. The work of insurance experts is to sell policies and ensure customers are aware of potential risks.

At the end of the day, if a sports team wants to acquire full coverage, it’s the work of an insurance agent to get them the right policy to cover every significant angle. The current challenge most teams are going through is a result of covid-19 and concerns like concussions. Sports teams have to go through the available coverage and choose the best with the help of an insurance agent.

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