Robert Bull’s Interview: RoyaleLife’s CEO

RoyaleLife is the predominant bungalow provider in the United Kingdom for individuals aged 45 years and above. Robert Bull is the company’s CEO, and his robust leadership has triggered massive revolutions referred to as Bungalow Lifestyle. This agenda ensured manageable ingress to gated communities’ single-story structures offering a luxurious lifestyle in different impressive locations.

RoyaleLife has succeeded because of the Home Part Trade-off Program that assures interested buyers wholesome prevailing home market value. For instance, the firm can value a home at 450,000 Euros and acquire it at 300,000 Euros and leave the rest to the owner. Therefore, the homeowner gets a new home and some money in the bank to assure a stress-free situation.

Robert Bull claims that the company does not include extra unaccounted costs because the solicitor, agent, and stamp duty fees are catered to. All these furnished homes are made comfortable with the best appliances. Robert Bull has led the company wisely to expand and grow it significantly, and currently, it has more than 54 developments with 30 others in varying levels of planning.

In his whole career Bull has been a visionary individual who instigates massive advancement for the agencies, and he describes the bungalow living idea and how it will change the phase of residential services in the UK.

RoyaleLife was started in 1945. The business has a firm reputation created for many years, and it has bridged the gap in the market for the last ten years. The conventional home constructors had abandoned bungalows because they thought that apartments or family homes were the best for the retirees, but the single-story living demand increased tremendously.

The NHBC attributed this to releasing capital, low maintenance as well as running costs as to why the retirees were downsizing. Therefore, Robert Bull dealt with the issue to satisfy the niche’s expectations.

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