Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford is a recognized philanthropist and a businessman who is based in London. He is the executive CEO and the founder of K4 Global, a multi-national marketing firm. Joseph is also the founder of The Butterfly Foundation, which assists children living with epidermolysis bullosa.

His early life was challenging since he lost his father, mother, sister, and brother-in-law within a short period. However, joseph believed that the adversities played a role in shaping his character and gave him an appreciation for small things and achievements in life.

Joseph Ashford worked in several industries in his early career, which equipped him with extensive experience in financial investment. Joseph is highly experienced in implementing scalable solutions to businesses, thus enabling them to grow to the next level.

His firm K4 Global serves businesses in property, media, technology, and service. The firm identifies an organization with passion and drives where it inspires and nurtures its team members, thus driving the company forward. Joseph believes that close collaboration within a team is key to obtaining the maximum return.

The K4 Global staff conducts research to better understand the client’s needs before embarking on a project. The staff also continues gathering information which enables them to make adjustments in the marketing conditions. These marketing strategies make joseph the marketing Guru in Bournemouth.

Joseph Ashford has inspired a strong company culture in K4 Global. The strong culture can be traced back to when Joseph established the organization. He developed a set of principles that every member had to follow.

Joseph also used the principles when hiring staff, thus maintaining consistency in the organization’s culture. Joseph actively supports the people of Bournemouth and other regions, where he has founded the Butterfly Foundation to help people suffering from EB. His foundation raises social awareness, educates, and offers financial assistance to people affected, thus improving their quality of life.