Sussex Healthcare Is Providing A Range Of Services

Sussex Healthcare is based in Sussex. It has been providing services and care to the elderly for over 25 years now.

Sussex Healthcare is known for the services it is providing to people who suffer from some form of learning disability or physical disability. They are known for providing person-centric care. This means that the individual comes to the forefront always in all their outcomes.

This is a place that offers special facilities to them. Sussex Healthcare has specialized equipment along with a staff that is highly skilled. Hence they are fully geared up to care for a huge range of disabilities along with its associated needs. They have a comprehensive care plan. This would include college activities as well as several therapeutic interventions. Sussex Healthcare provides 24-hour services that incorporate the latest aids.

Sussex Health Care has developed services to support the individuals. These services are designed for those who suffer from multiple disabilities which are profound. They provide en-suite rooms that have track hoisting. There is the option to personalize the rooms too so that the service user can be more comfortable.

They can avail of physiotherapy as well as hydrotherapy. These facilities are available in the form of structured as well as leisure sessions. Sussex Healthcare works closely with schools and colleges by planning good transition programs for all those young people who are moving to their service. This way they would have a multidisciplinary team that will include friends as well as family. Besides, 24-hour care is provided along with nursing support as required. In addition, a wide range of leisure as well as social activities are planned for them so the local community gets involved too. All this forms a part of individual care plan designed by Sussex Healthcare.

They offer daycare as well as respite care too.

Various opportunities are available for service users. They can attend college to gain further education. There are outreach programs too. They can get work experience also. All these activities can be random or planned more often, based on the choice and need of the individual.

They are working closely with local colleges in order to tailor programs that are suited to individual needs. While some may attend college part-time, others may prefer to attend the resource centers.

Sussex Healthcare is working closely with the Profound Education Team for young people aged above 18.

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