Roberto Santiago Brings Attention to Shopping Mall Issues

For years, there were shopping malls that struggled to stay afloat. These malls had issues because of the economy in Brazil and that made things harder for them to do business. Many of them actually closed because they were not able to meet the demands that were going on in the economy around them. This was something that affected even the biggest and best malls in Brazil, but it did not touch the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago had created the Manaira Mall to be recession-proof. He wanted the mall to be different from the rest and that’s what allowed him to make the right choices in business. It also allowed him the chance to show people how they could do different things when they were working toward a more positive experience. The Manaira Mall made it easier for people to try different things.


Bringing attention to the issues that are happening in the shopping malls around the world is part of what made Roberto Santiago do what he could do to make Manaira better. The mall was supposed to be something that would be different from the rest and that’s what Roberto Santiago intended to do with it when he first started it. From the beginning, he knew he could do his best and show people there would be new options they could benefit from. Before the Manaira Mall, Brazil didn’t have malls that had unique options. Instead, they were all just the same and they all had the same things going on in them.


For Roberto Santiago, this meant he would need to try and help people realize there were different options they could use to make the mall better. In fact, he had always wanted to show people what could happen if a mall got too big and that’s what happened with Manaira. The mall became a tourist destination and that was what allowed Roberto Santiago the chance to try and make things easier on different people. He knew he would need to create a hotel that was adjacent to the mall so he would be able to bring attention to all the issues of people staying at other hotels.


The hotel was a chance for Roberto Santiago to make sure he could work on other things aside from the Manaira Mall. The point of the hotel was to give back to the community and to give them what they were looking for. Roberto Santiago always made sure the mall was growing and the hotel was going to be the same way. He designed it with the same standards as the hotel and that’s what helped him make the best choices in the business and for the businesses he worked with.