Orange Coast College is proud to introduce the “corpse flower.” The corpse flower is not a fluke, this rare and exotic flower produces a bloom that smells like a dead body. In 2014, Orange Coast’s horticulture department received just over 1,000 campus guests, all of whom were eager to take a peep at the 11 year old Amorphophallus titanum plant. The nickname, “corpse” flower is strictly due to the powerful odor the bloom emits. In fact the scent can be somewhat overpowering; particularly since the flower only blooms at night. To combat the odor, the college invests in plenty of fans that stay on for four to five hours.


The corpse flower first arrived at Orange Coast College in 2006. Since that time, they’re on the second one. It originates from an island in Indonesia, and it can weigh up to 200 pounds. The “stinky” bloom attracts daily visitors, this year the school opened up viewing on June 28, 2017. The current plant weighs 30 pounds; because it hasn’t reached full maturity yet and is nicknamed, “Little Dougie.”


Orange Coast College is a picturesque 164 acre campus, located minutes away from Costa Mesa, California. Since 1947, it has been providing students with an excellent community college opportunity. The college benefits the local area and provides exceptional undergraduate programs in Career and Technical Education. After the required two years of learning, a large portion of the students transfer to either the University of California or California State University. They’re well received because Orange Coast College is known statewide for offering high quality academic and career programs.


In addition to providing educational study programs of merit, Orange Coast College is widely regarded for its athletic department. The full roster includes men and women competitive play in sports such as cross country, track and field, baseball, crew, tennis, sailing, soccer and softball. There have been a number of championship teams in all sports and the history of the school includes a 68 year tradition of winning at the state level. Also a number of students were named, “Athletes of the Year.”


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