NewsWatch TV can Provide Sustainable Growth to Your Business or Company

NewsWatch TV has remained a potent source of news and information for the past twenty seven years. With their unique format of three to five minute segments, NewsWatch has developed an audience, and a staying power unlike any news show that came before. Going into production in March of 1990, NewsWatch TV has went from a once monthly broadcast, to weekly airing on AMC, ION, and an assortment of local affiliates. Hosts Susan Bridges, Michelle Ison, and Andrew Tropeano deliver news on a variety of fields including consumer product news, advancing medicine and technology, and multitude of others, resulting in a eclectic, yet cohesive, format that brings new information and news to a vast audience.

Working with a number of notable Fortune 500 companies, such as Sony, Siemens, Body Glove, Audi, and more, NewsWatch TV have established themselves as a high quality production who are committed to providing the best coverage for their clients and audience. The format of the series allows for a multitude of companies, businesses, and corporations to showcase their upcoming, and available, projects, products, and promotions and to reach an audience they may have not been able to before. Broadcasting, in all markets in the United States, NewsWatch has been able to provide segments to over 95 million households.

Avanca, an up and coming electronics developer, used NewsWatch TV’s ability to connect them with auidences all over the nation to enhancing funding to their Indiegogo campaign, with extreme success. Attempting to fund work on the ‘Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC’ Avanca created a crowdfunding goal of $10,000 in thirty days. Not only did the one minute promotional segment aired on NewsWatch TV help Avanca achieve their goals, the company garnered $456,551, which was 2,939% of their original goal. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, Marketing Director for Avanca, says that she would highly recommend NewsWatch to any business looking for a way to provide sustainable growth.