Kim Dao is well known for makeup reviews. She did reviews on Korean Pokemon makeup in one of her videos.Learn more:


The first product she reviewed was hand lotions. She tried two different tubes. They had different smells and both felt really moisturizing and not sticky.


The next product was a nail polish. She had the Pikachu version that had hearts and lightning bolts. It was clear with those little details added in the bottle to stick to your nail when applied.


Lip stain was the next product. Kim Dao tried two of these and said they worked very well. She first put them side by side on the back of her hand and when she tried to remove them, they stained her skin. When applied to her lips they also left a noticeable stain behind when removed.Learn more :


Kim Dao next reviewed two face washed. The Pikachu and Charmander. They had other foaming face washes at the store and they are all a little different. She said that she feels they did a good job, however didn’t remove the eye makeup very well and the lip stain still stuck to her lips.Learn more :


Next was body cream. She said it was too thick to use on her face but felt great on her arms. She enjoyed the smell as well!


She reviewed a makeup product next and was not impressed with it. She didn’t like the smell or the color when she applied it. The color in the container was darker and when applied it was very light.


The final product was a Jigglypuff compact makeup. She really liked the color and noticed it covered shine on her face well.


Kim Dao over all really liked the Pokemon makeup products and posted a link on her video to direct viewers to where they can get them!Learn more :