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The startling increase in cyber attacks is putting the information individuals, government agencies, and companies in peril. I was hacked myself and the financial loss and personal violation I experienced is going to affect me for a long time. As cyber attacks increase, it grows increasingly important that groups and organizations combat this issue by implementing strong security measures. This issue is widespread and now medical devices are being hacked and accruing billions of dollars in damage. These attacks are becoming more devasting due to the continued advances in technology. They are able to target a broader spectrum of venues.


After I was hacked I realized it was time to protect myself so I signed up with Rubica. Rubica is an advanced cyber security company that works with individuals to make sure all of their data is stored safely on a protected VPN. They provide their clients with the same levels of protection that larger corporations receive. The analysts at Rubica monitor all the activity on your home devices and take action when necessary. This is all done without any hassle to you. They helped me after I was hacked and now I am so thankful to have access to such a safe, advanced, and private security company.