Our prison is one of the safest in the country, due in part to the efforts of our new Securus Technologies inmate phone monitoring system. I have been working here as a corrections officer for over twenty years, and if you would have told me all that time ago that a system like this would have such a huge impact in making our facility safer, I would have never believed it. I come from the belief that hard work gets results, and I just assumed what we were doing was going to eventually have the desired result.


To compliment the searches at the visitor center, my team is doing surprise cell inspections all week-long. Here we are able to scoop up many of the things that get by us. During one of our searches, my team leader instructed me that today was the day Securus Technologies was installing the new call monitoring system, and I was going to get first crack at learning how to use the LBS software.


The new call monitoring system is supposed to be able to do the work of a handful of officers, so when I took the helm, I was not sure what to expect. The system scans calls the inmates are making, and even though they think they can speak in ways to avoid incriminating themselves, sometimes they slip up or just lose their focus. In my first week of listening to the calls, we discovered how one of the inmates was getting prescription drugs from his mother at the visitor center. On another call, I was able to discover where two inmates were hiding large amounts of drugs in their cell even after we did an inspection.


Thanks to the Securus Technologies system, me and my team have really tightened up the issues in our facility and made work safer for all that work behind these walls.