Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, and and Congressman John Sarbanes have put out a By The People reform package. John Sarbanes is the chairman of the Democracy Reform Task Force. End Citizens United, the PAC that aims at ending the Supreme Court decision Citizens United, has encouraged and approved of this reform package.


The package focuses on making elections better. There are ideas in it for fixing campaign finance laws, which are currently broken. The reform will improve the ethics of campaign finances. The reform package was put out after the last election. According to the current laws, people can donate large sums of money to campaigns, and the campaigns do not need to disclose them. Campaigns can collect over a billion and a half dollars from private donors and they do not need to disclose where all that money came from. The package will ensure that future campaigns do not face any of the moral and ethical difficulties that many have voiced their concerns about regarding the Trump administration and his election campaign. There are also allegations of interference with our election by Russian forces.


Tiffany Muller, who is the President of End Citizens United, said that it is no secret that the current election system is rigged. People can donate money to campaigns and candidates privately and in total secrecy, without any accountability. This allows lobbyists and people with selfish interests to basically buy off politicians. They can donate money to the campaigns in exchange for political favors that will help their business gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. It’s not just businesspeople. Foreign lobbyists who work for foreign governments can also buy off politicians in exchange for laws that will benefit foreign interests. This reform package will stand up to these shady deals and will give a voice to the American people.


End Citizens United has raised over four million dollars this year. In addition, they plan to raise over thirty five million dollars before the midterm elections. In the 2016 election, they raised twenty five million dollars. During the first quarter of this year, already one hundred thousand people have donated to End Citizens United. Forty thousand people donated to End Citizens United for the first time ever. This shows the kind of grassroots support there is for End Citizens United. It is backed by private citizens who are donating small amounts of money. In fact, according to the laws governing donations to PACs that are not Super PACs, they can not accept donations that are over five thousand dollars. The average donation to End Citizens United was only twelve dollars. This shows that the average American is concerned about our election process and is donating whatever he or she can to help out.