Stronghold Engineering Inc. – A Woman Owned Business

There is more to any business than just the products it makes or the work it does. In these turbulent times where employees want more than just good pay Stronghold Engineering Inc. (SEI) and its ownership make a strong point of listening to their employees and treating them with respect. They also provide ethics training on how to treat each other. Employees are shown how to treat each other personally and professionally at the same time that they care about the environment and the workplace.

Beverly Bailey and her husband Scott began the company after Ms. Bailey had a baby and no longer wanted to rejoin her previous profession. Scott Bailey had also been traveling a great deal and now wanted to stay closer to home. Together they created Stronghold Electric, the predecessor to the Stronghold Engineering Inc. of today.

Beverly holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and Scott is the Chief Operating Officer. Stronghold Engineering Inc. is known for its design and build work in Southern California. They also provide electrical services and general construction. 

The company even ‘builds’ its own people by offering an apprenticeship program lasting four and a half years. Classes are held in-house with a great amount of on the job training. Upon completion of the program, employees are considered for supervisory or foreman positions. 

Beverly Bailey believes that as a family owned company Stronghold Engineering Inc. has an obligation to give back to the Southern California community. The company has an employee directed charity group. In the last few years the committee raised over $33,000 to help families that are part of the company to get through the tough times of the pandemic. They have also aided the local children’s hospital, blind services and the Heart Association.

Stronghold Engineering, Inc., led by a woman, takes its values and principles and uses them to be a successful company and a place where employees are respected and heard.