John Ritenour Explains Risk Management Systems to Avoid Liability

John Ritenour, a leading authority in risk management systems, recently spoke at the International Association for Financial Planning conference about the importance of risk management and how it can help to avoid liability. John has been an industry expert for over 10 years and is currently serving as President and CEO of John Ritenour & Associates. John began his speech by explaining that “risk management” means different things to different people because there are so many types of risks:

– Business Risk: Protects against financial loss or other business disruption

– Personal Risk: Protects individuals from unforeseen events such as illness, injury, or death

– Legal Risk: Protects companies from lawsuits where they may be found liable based on their actions or inaction

– Environmental Risk: Protects companies from being accused of polluting the environment

– Financial Risk: Protects companies by providing insurance to cover property loss or liability claims against them

John Ritenour also said that risk management covers two types of systems. The first type is an “administrative” system, which measures existing hazards and employee safety. The second type is a “prevention” system, which measures and manages risks to avoid accidents and injuries.

Before getting into either of these systems, however, John Ritenour stressed the importance of determining whether any risk management systems are even necessary for your company:

– Evaluate Current Conditions: Gather information on current conditions including past expenditures, losses, and lawsuits .

– Perform a Risk Analysis: Gather information on the type of risks your company is facing and which employees are impacted most. You can then determine what additional resources you may need to be included in your risk management system. These resources may include solutions such as loss prevention strategies, insurance policies, or employee training programs. Some companies, for example, require all employees to learn CPR.

– Formulate a Plan: Determine how much risk your company can afford and form a plan based on these results.

 Marc Swanson Shares His Thoughts on the SeaWorld’s Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2021

Marc Swanson, SeaWorld’s CEO, recently talked about the company’s financial standings for the first quarter of 2021. He noted that the results were good even with the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic. That provided the management with great hopes for succeeding during the hard times.

According to the CEO, 2019’s first-quarter financial records had significantly improved compared to those of the similar period of 2021. He also noted that the great success came from the firm’s management using adequate strategies that would help the business to continue even during the pandemic. The administration introduced new prices and plans, which enabled the parks to get more guests who spent more whenever they visited.

In the first quarter of 2021, the firm launched more event days for the visitors in different company’s parks and established new parks. That introduced new ways for the firm to earn more revenue. SeaWorld’s CEO noted that there was an improvement in the number of people visiting the parks. Some of them got full within that period.

He also said that more people would have been visiting the parks if they hadn’t restricted the number of visitors, and the rest were still operating. There were more visitors in the various SeaWorld parks in 2021 than in 2019. The park’s management felt encouraged by the number of people who visited them and looked forward to better business opportunities during summer.

Marc hopes that there will be regular business operations at the parks as other places keep opening up. The SeaWorld management notes that although there have been several changes in the parks, it is possible to find other services to help the firm grow. Marc Swanson said that the management was looking for ways of doing business in the new normal, and the company will go back to its good old days.

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How Heath Ritenour Has Managed to Maintain the Primary Objective of His Father in the Insurance Office of America

Legacy businesses continue to dominate in various sectors in the United States. These are some of the traditional organizations that have been passed from one generation to another within the family settings. Some of these companies are very dominant and have been controlling the sectors where they have been operating for more than twenty, fifty, or even one hundred years. However, to have a legacy business is not always easy as the founders have to work hard.

John Ritenour is the founder of the Insurance Office of America. This is one of the leading insurance organizations in the United States. Currently, the company ranks as the twenty-fifth largest insurance organization. This is a huge achievement owing to the number and size of insurance organizations in this country. Through John Ritenour, the father, Heath Ritenour, son, has had a smooth operation during his leadership period.

According to Heath Ritenour, the Insurance Office of America has not been in the industry for very many years, especially when compared to other legacy businesses. This company has only been operating in the insurance industry for about thirty years, which can be considered as young factoring in that other insurance companies have been in the same industry for more than one hundred years. However, it is the legacy that has been left behind that Heath wants to protect.

His father did not join the insurance industry for profits. His main aim was to bring some changes to the entire sector so that customers could get the products or the services they were looking to get from the insurance industry. This is the only task that Heath Ritenour has been mandated to maintain while at the same time ensuring that the company has been moving forward as expected. It is essential to indicate that he has been a perfect fit for the leadership of the organization.

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Heath Ritenour Taking Reign of the Family Business

The insurance industry poses as a perfect niche for a lucrative career. John Ritenour delved into this specialty over 30 years ago to build a successful career. He leveraged his professional intuition to initiate the Insurance Office of America, a private equity firm that grew to carve an outstanding reputation. IOA swiftly augmented its global reach to encompass over 1300 team members and expand to nearly 60 locations. Heath Ritenour inherited his dad’s family business when he decided that he needed to retire. John Ritenour trusted his son to take on his footsteps and keep the insurance business alive. Although Heath loved the company, he was reluctant to take the reins as he felt totally inadequate.

Heath Ritenour thought of taking over the family business and saw him sketch up exciting and new ideas for bringing IOA into the present day. In addition to becoming responsible for over 500 families, he figured out how to keep the business legacy going. John Ritenour vetted his succession plan with in-depth knowledge to assure the company’s smooth transition to a new generation. Heath first ventured into IOA as an intern. During this time, he amassed valuable experience that was fundamental to his next position. His aspiration gradually grew as his vision for running the company from a different angle was documented.

Beyond his Chief Executive Officer role, he worked hard to build the business up and curate its reputation globally. Heath Ritenour played an integral role in initiating a generational transition within the company. He valued the input that his father had plunged within the insurance company. Additionally, the new chief executive officer streamlined the company processes by offering good deals. With far-reaching potentials, the Insurance Office of America tremendously grew under a father-son partnership. The businessman has managed the company correctly and understands customers’ perspectives and concerns.

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James Gutierrez: I Help Low-Income Families Succeed in Poverty

James Gutierrez was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He graduated from the prestigious and diverse Cornell University. Since then, he has worked at various organizations like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs in Silicon Valley.

James Gutierrez is a leader who understands the power of problem-solving. He always finds a way to maximize value in a situation. Working with people in higher-wage jobs, Gutierrez has a passion for striving for inclusion. He talks about a need for inclusion and uplift all across the board. James Gutierrez believes that if more companies and people worked to bridge the gaps, it would further drive the economy forward.

As a leader, James Gutierrez is on a mission to help make a dent in the economic divide, even if it means founding a nonprofit. Gutierrez has found a unique way to implement inclusion into his work to implement inclusive business practices. The clients and neighbors of Aura were not mainstream even though they were as real as any other in a major U.S. city.

As director of resident and business services, he tried to improve the lives of these neighborhoods and his own. He and his team found themselves up against several stubborn issues: high rent, a lack of retail options, a homeless crisis, and streets needing major repair. It was a disheartening environment that alienated many of his neighbors.

As the population and economy grow, the division of wealth is bound to deepen. The gap is only widening, and the prospects for those at the bottom of it are bleak. Unless solutions are put in place, we may see an ever-increasing number of people getting swept into poverty and falling behind on job requirements.

Only 16.1 percent of African-Americans have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and those who do typically earn an average of $36,000 a year. A similar number of Latinos and Asians have advanced degrees, but they do so with much lower wages. The lowest-paid white workers earn an average of $50,000 a year. And the higher you go up the wage scale; the less likely the job is to be in the non-management role, leaving out many who could contribute economically to their communities.

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SeaWorld Entertainment Announces New Leadership Roles

SeaWorld Entertainment announced two changes in leadership on May 6, 2021. Marc Swanson will now serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy assumes the roles of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Treasurer.

Scott Ross Seaworld
SEAS (PRNewsFoto/SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.)

About Marc Swanson

Marc Swanson has worked with SeaWorld Entertainment for 20 years and most recently served as its interim CEO. His first position with the company as Vice President of Sesame Place. He then assumed the position of Corporate Controller at Busch Gardens in 2008.

In 2011, Marc Swanson transferred to SeaWorld Entertainment and held the same position until 2012. He later served as Chief Accounting Officer and interim Chief Financial Officer. He held this position until his recent permanent appointment.

Swanson is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who earned an undergraduate degree in accounting from Perdue University and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from DePaul University. He is also on the SeaWorld Board of Directors.

About Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy

Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy has been with the company for eight years. She came on board with SeaWorld Entertainment in 2013 in the role of Director of Financial Reporting. She had worked as the Chief Accounting Officer since August 2017 except for two months in 2019 when she assumed the interim roles that are now her permanent position.

Before her employment with SeaWorld Entertainment, Castro Gulacsy worked with Cross Country Healthcare as Director of Corporate Accounting and Assistant Controller. She has also worked at Ernst & Young as an Audit Manager. Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in accounting from the University of Florida and is a CPA.

The Chairman of SeaWorld Entertainment, Scott Ross, echoed the sentiments of the entire company when he enthusiastically welcomed Swanson and Castro Gulcsy to their new roles in May.

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Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi Achievements in the Construction Market

In the Brazilian business industry, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi is considered to be one of the most influential personalities. The businessman is the force behind Sail Engenharia. As a major player in the Brazilian constriction department, the executive loves to set the bar high for the other younger people in the market. The company established by Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi has done a very good job for the Curitiba community where it is based. The construction department always fascinates the business in numerous ways. Starting Sail was a dream come true in the year 1990. When setting up this company, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi, had so many plans for his team. The Curitiba community was only specializing in the construction of old and traditional plans because they did not have someone to guide them about the modern techniques. When the Brazilian expert came into the picture, he began to change everything in a positive way. Edenilso believes that getting into the Brazilian construction section changed his life for the best. For over thirty years now, the entrepreneur has brought out the best out of the constructions he has carried out. 

Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi decided to get married more than thirty three years ago. When making this decision, the entrepreneur had just turned twenty seven years old, and he lived in an ordinary location in Maringa. The executive was operating a tiny business in this region with the help of two other engineers. Having a great career background in the engineering section helped Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi to start Sail and deal with the competition in the engineering department. The businessman, however, had to relocate with his small family to settle in an ideal place so that the company could thrive. When creating the construction platform, the entrepreneur was not thinking about a huge venture because he did not have the resources. The small business, however, grew with time because it had the interest of customers at heart.

We Can Help You Identify, Apply, And Access Government Funding, Grants Assist Tells Entrepreneurs

For several years, the Australian government has issued billions of dollars in grants to local entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profit organizations, and startup ventures. The aim is to see those businesses thrive. One company, Grants Assist, is also playing an important role. From its name, it is evident that Grants Assist aims at ensuring the right individuals and organizations access the right funding from the government. Through a recent press statement, Grants Assist congratulated the few Aussies who are stepping up to get what rightly belongs to them from their government. However, Grants Assist complained about the low turnout of those seeking government funding yet the government allocated sufficient funding for various groups.

“We are happy that many people are now getting to know how the government can help them in their businesses. Each year, we see a rise in the number of those visiting our offices to acquaint themselves with the various grant options given by our government. However, there’s one thing that is of a major concern to us – the number of those who want the grants is still low,” said Grants Assist. According to the organizations, although the government sets aside billions of dollars each year for various startups, only a handful of such startups show up. In the same statement, Grants Assist continues to show a few grant options the government provides.

Some of the grants available include business grants, non-profit grants that are meant for non-profit organizations, industry-specific grants and startup grants aimed at helping promising startup ventures that either fail to secure liquid funds or are stuck because the demand exceeded their budget. To help organizations and individuals acquire the right funding from the government, Grants Assist helps in the primary application, preparation of the necessary documentation, consultancy in understanding the various parts of the application procedure, and accessing the funds.

Successful Professional Journey of Payam Banazadeh

Capella Space lead executive Payma Banazadeh has ventured into his satellite imaging Silicon Valley company that utilizes technology to offer SAR for imaging the surface of the earth regardless of any weather or time situations. SAR satellites provide an impressive ability that allows the emission and creation of its wine energy reflected on the earth’s surface.

After graduating from Texas University and attaining an Aerospace Engineering degree of Magna Cum Laude, he received in 2012 an award of Texas Outstanding Scholar and Leader because of his superiority and exceptional performance in academics and leadership. While in the university, Payam helped in inspiring and educating students of STEM. He repeatedly promoted agency tenure with the Lead Project System Engineer agency. 

Payam received an award of a NASA Mariner at the agency, which was due to his leadership in his mission that generated two projects of multi-million-dollar revenue. He also acquired an outstanding performance award from NASA Discovery due to his ability to formulate great and fresh projects and concepts for NASA.

When he left NASA, Payam joined Stanford University through an NSF sponsorship, where he achieved a business degree. Together with William Woods, they founded their company, Capella Space which was meant to offer services on planet monitoring via space and give transparent data based on various industries. The creativity of the firm instigated partial inspiration after Flight 370 Malaysian Airlines disappeared. Payam and his partner agreed they would use modern technology to investigate the flights’ disappearance.

Capella has earned its spot in satellite monitoring works, and recently it launched a first planned satellite constellation that monitors the earth called Sequoia. It is proof of the company serving its unique concepts related to detailed data provided on the earth’s activities on its surface. Images had begun being beamed from the satellite as seen at Capella’s headquarters. The Amazon rainforest look was also noticed together with the El Salvador Volcano of Santa Ana and Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

Utility Warehouse – The Best Option for Energy Services

Utility Warehouse started in 2002 as an energy supplying company in the United Kingdom. In 2013, the company expanded after buying two companies from Npower. The companies’ clientele has grown to over 650,000 consumers making it among the major companies that offer energy services in the UK. The company provides various services like electricity, gas, home insurance, home phone, mobile, and broadband.

Unlike other companies, Utility Warehouse makes work easier for their customers by compiling all the charges for the services offered in one bill. The customers who subscribe for more than one service with UW get great discounts. The company relies on referrals from their customers and signups through their agents, spread across the country. The agents receive a commission from every new customer they register.

Utility Warehouse customers have the opportunity for various benefits, including rewards cards and free LED bulbs for customers who subscribe to their energy bundle. The company has excellent customer care service and dealt with complaints promptly. In 2018 and 2020, UW emerged as the winner for the Utilities Brand of the year.

Anyone can join UW, including those with traditional prepayment meters and smart prepayment meters with a few adjustments on the credit mode. Customers on prepayment can pay up for the services from the pay zone, pay point, or post offices. The company has created employment to over 1,400 expertise in different categories. Their dedication to serving the UW clients is motivated by the friendly working environment provided.

Utility Warehouse in 2020 started a foundation through which it is giving back to the community through helping the vulnerable in the community and extending support to fight against the Coronavirus. The foundation also supports programs geared towards environment conservation and aims to plant 100,000 trees by the end of March 2021. In the UW leadership is Charles Widgoder, the chairman, and Andrew Lindsay is the CEO.