About Successful Investor Sahm Adrangi

Kerrisdale Capital Management was launched in 2009 by its Chief Investment Officer, Sahm Adrangi. When creating the firm, Adrangi has taken an active position throughout just about every area of Kerrisdale’s progress. Even though more than $150 million dollars is now under Kerrisdale’s handling, the firm controlled around $1 million when Adrangi originally created it.

Whilst Sahm Adrangi’s short selling gains have been very outstanding, he is in fact better known as a result of writing evaluations concerning companies which he believes the market actually holds misperceptions about. Two varieties of stocks that he often publishes the firm’s evaluations about are under-followed longs and the shorts he believes to be too over-hyped.

The Securities and Exchange Commission in fact did take enforcement measures to fight a handful of the companies which Sahm Adrangi uncovered for being deceptive, for instance ChinaCast Education Corp as well as China Education Aliiance. He attained quite a lot of recognition as a result of shorting in addition to publicly revealing many of those dishonest Chinese companies around 2010 and 2011.

A wide range of different companies and market sectors are actually the concentration of Adrangi’s findings, however Sahm Adrangi’s focal point has, lately, ended up on the subject of just a few markets that Andrangi’s firm has insight into. The biotechnology sector is certainly one of those, and the firm has revealed knowledge regarding Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Unilife and also lots more. His evaluation is mostly focused on the stages in which these companies are building and what their potential future prospects are.

Deutsche Bank was in fact the workplace at which Sahm Adrangi first started a long and successful professional career in the realm of investment. At Deutsch Bank, he executed loan debt financing, performing high-yield in addition to leveraged. He has additionally given his time and labor for several years at Longacre Management, the multi-billion-dollar hedge fund.

A graduate of the widely respected Yale University, Adrangi has done quite well for himself in the world of finance, and his successes have led to him being interview by the biggest media outlets.


How Jim Larkin Improved The Lives Of Irish Workers

Some historians have said that the modern day workers movement began with the founding of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union in 1907. It was founded by Jim Larkin who was an Irishman that had grown up in a blighted neighborhood in Liverpool. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm and http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/artsfilmtv/books/the-definitive-biography-of-big-jim-larkin-372254.html

His aim was to improve the lives of workers in all industries such as no more than 8 hours of work a day, unemployed people being given jobs, compulsory arbitration courts to settle disagreements between workers and owners, and pensions for everyone past the age of 60 among other issues.

From 1907 to 1912 he called a string of strikes at different Irish employers. During this time the union grew from 5,000 members to 15,000. His biggest and most effective strike, though, occurred in 1913. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

This was known as the Dublin Lockout. 100,000 workers walked off the job and refused to return until their conditions improved. The strike lasted 8 months and the business owners finally bowed to pressure and gave what the workers were asking for.

The next year he left Ireland for America. He was very much against World War 1 which had just started and wanted Ireland to stay out of it. He went to America in order to raise money for this cause. He traveled the country as a public speaker.

He was arrested, though, in 1919 during the red scare. The charge against him was “criminal anarchy” and he was jailed in Sing Sing Prison in the state of New York. In 1923 he was released from prison and then deported from the country. He ended up back in Ireland where he resumed his worker organizing work.

Back home in Ireland, Jim Larkin started another workers union called the Workers’ Union of Ireland. He worked on housing problems in Dublin and did what he could to help workers.

He became a politician and was elected to represent North East Dublin for the Labour party. In December 1946 he fell through the floor of a union hall that was being repaired. He was in the hospital for over a month before dying on January 30 1946.

The Achievements of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is well known for his great philanthropy work. He is among the most prominent humanitarians in the world. He was introduced to humanitarian work by one of his colleagues to a Jewish charity where Adam Milstein donated 10% of his income to the less privileged. As a result, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein in 2000. His wife also founded the SifriyatPijamaB’America. The SifriyatPijamaB’America helps in accessing the Jewish values and language by providing them with Hebrew books on a monthly basis. More than 15000 families are beneficiaries of this project.

Adam Milstein aims at bettering his community and ensuring that the youngsters of his community find pride in their culture. He contributes approximately $1 million to charitable organizations, empowering Jewish education and Pro-Israel Advocacy through the Milstein Family Foundation.

Due to his commitment to humanitarian activities, Adam Milstein has become a role model to many individuals globally. This year, Adam Milstein has been listed position 187 in the top 200 most prominent influential humanitarians in the world. Following this ranking, he is also among the top 100 persons in the world who influence the Jewish community positively.

Besides the philanthropic work, Adam Milstein is the managing director of the Hager Pacific Properties. The real estate is based in California. He is well recognized for his expertise in the entrepreneurship world due to his pragmatic and astute moves. Well, this is a lot of success and responsibility for one individual. When Adam Milstein is asked how he has achieved everything he has, his very precise. He says;

  • He does not have any rules to follow; he simply ensures that he does his best in everything he decides to do. He says he does not set specific goals because they limit him.
  • He outsources his work, but if the assignee does not deliver in time, he does it himself. He simply avoids over dependency; he does a lot by himself.
  • The other factor that attributes to his success is persistence and consistency. He is self-driven and won’t stop what he’s doing until he achieves it. He is also consistent in his line of work.

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Roberto Santiago Brings Attention to Shopping Mall Issues

For years, there were shopping malls that struggled to stay afloat. These malls had issues because of the economy in Brazil and that made things harder for them to do business. Many of them actually closed because they were not able to meet the demands that were going on in the economy around them. This was something that affected even the biggest and best malls in Brazil, but it did not touch the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago had created the Manaira Mall to be recession-proof. He wanted the mall to be different from the rest and that’s what allowed him to make the right choices in business. It also allowed him the chance to show people how they could do different things when they were working toward a more positive experience. The Manaira Mall made it easier for people to try different things.


Bringing attention to the issues that are happening in the shopping malls around the world is part of what made Roberto Santiago do what he could do to make Manaira better. The mall was supposed to be something that would be different from the rest and that’s what Roberto Santiago intended to do with it when he first started it. From the beginning, he knew he could do his best and show people there would be new options they could benefit from. Before the Manaira Mall, Brazil didn’t have malls that had unique options. Instead, they were all just the same and they all had the same things going on in them.


For Roberto Santiago, this meant he would need to try and help people realize there were different options they could use to make the mall better. In fact, he had always wanted to show people what could happen if a mall got too big and that’s what happened with Manaira. The mall became a tourist destination and that was what allowed Roberto Santiago the chance to try and make things easier on different people. He knew he would need to create a hotel that was adjacent to the mall so he would be able to bring attention to all the issues of people staying at other hotels.


The hotel was a chance for Roberto Santiago to make sure he could work on other things aside from the Manaira Mall. The point of the hotel was to give back to the community and to give them what they were looking for. Roberto Santiago always made sure the mall was growing and the hotel was going to be the same way. He designed it with the same standards as the hotel and that’s what helped him make the best choices in the business and for the businesses he worked with.


Talk Fusion Starts Up New Training Program

The network marketing company Talk Fusion has began offering a new online training program called Talk Fusion University. They introduced this new program to a large international audience during a live broadcast. With the introduction of the new university, a number of people will be in position to access a virtual hub where they can get training from the company founder and CEO Bob Reina. This new university will allow associates of the company to learn more about how to build their business, make more sales and also learn more about the services this company offers. With the guidance provided by Reina, anyone will be in position to get the most out of their experience as a Talk Fusion Associate through the new online university.


In a recent interview, Bob Reina said that a person’s success in this business is not only up to an individual’s efforts but also the efforts of other people as well. He said that this whole business is like a team sport where there needs to be collaboration between associates and the people they offer the opportunity to (https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate). When conducting business, you will need to deal with people from a variety of different backgrounds. They will come from varying educational levels, personality types and also amount of sales experience. In order to succeed in this business, you need to focus on things that work for an entire team that they can duplicate themselves in order to generate a steady income.


Talk Fusion is a company that produces the world’s first all in one video marketing solution. The company is committed to helping a number of businesses distinguish themselves from the competition along with increasing sales and profits and also keeping customers coming back to receive more assistance. With Talk Fusion, companies can find ways to make their marketing more effective through the use of videos. In 2007, Talk Fusion was established by its founder and CEO Bob Reina. He looked to put together a marketing company that provides valuable services for businesses as well as giving people the opportunity to start a business of their own. Under his leadership, Bob has expanded the company to over 140 countries worldwide.