Zilch CEO Philip Belamant secures another $50 million in funding

According to a recent article from The South African, Philip Belamant and Zilch have secured another $50 million in funding to bring their grand total to $160 million. The company has been regarded as one of the fastest-growing Unicorns in Europe. Zilch plans to use the funds to expand and add more services to customers. The company has grown rapidly in the U.S. Zilch is widely used for its debit and credit services. In fact, the article confirms they have doubled their sales and revenue over just the past six months. Clients like to use Zilch because of their cashback rewards followed by their main draw where customers can pay what they owe over four installments spread out over six weeks with no attached interests or extra fees. This is what Philip Belamant and Zilch are known for and why some prefer to use them. Philip Belamant described how their payment scheme helps during today’s time filled with soaring inflation and interest rates.

Customers can use Zilch to pay for anything, anywhere without any extra fees or gimmicks. Zilch also allows customers to improve their credit score through their partnership with well-known reporting agency Experian. Zilch is a match for many shareholders because of the value they provide to its customers in a time like today. The company works with some of the top providers such as Mastercard, Onfido, Checkout.com, among many others. Zilch has complied and gotten its FCA license. They were co-founded by CEO Philip Belamant in an effort to provide a secure and reliable credit card service.

Learn more about Philip Belamant: https://medium.com/@philipbelamant

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