Crest Resources Puts More Stock Into Jonas Lauren Norr

Crest Resources Puts More Stock Into Jonas Lauren Norr

Crest Resources has entered into a joint venture with Ethos Real Assets. This joint venture is aimed at developing deep-tech ecosystems that generate ways to fix problems for traditional businesses and infrastructure in both the civilized and uncivilized parts of the world. The two companies together aim to make revolutionary improvements in the exploration of minerals. Jonas Lauren Norr created Ethos Real Assets and has been a leader of Silicon Valley’s technological advancement for over twenty years. Crest CEO and President Michael Collins has made reassurances about Crest’s dedication to seeking alpha for its investors in businesses that engage in resource mining and development. Collins believes this joint venture brings them to the center of innovation and will cause a significant shift in the way mines are discovered, modeled, and built. With the JV, the company is offering an innovative alternative to venture capital for core technologies with robust industrial applications outside of the most active innovation hubs in the world.

Additionally, Jonas Lauren Norr is now becoming a member of the board of directors of Crest Resources Incorporated. As an early-stage venture investor since 2000, and co-founder of Gravity Ranch Ventures, Norr is familiar with deep technologies aimed at solving the world’s largest problems. Norr has worked and invested in companies in a variety of sectors, including biotech, education, media, and renewable energy. Jonas Lauren Norr earned his way onto the board by serving as a top advisor to Crest Resources for years. Norr regularly gives speeches on social impact and technology. He is also a Senior Advisor to Spacefund and a consultant to Peterson Real Assets

Crest Resources has invested in Ore Capital Partners Ltd. to acquire 36% of the private investment holding company. The investment into Ore Capital Crest Resources is to gain access to multiple exportation companies. Inflection Resources Ltd. and Headwater Gold Inc. both explore for minerals as a service. In a private transaction, Crest Resources also sold 1,038,300 common shares of its ownership in Mariner Resources Corp.

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