David Parrott UF on Adolescent Behavior

As an adjunct professor of psychology at Washington State University, Dr. David Parrott works with different undergraduate and graduate students. He is involved on a variety of projects that aim to improve learning, motivation, and personal development.In addition to his research focus, David Parrott is involved with a variety of activities including community college counseling and college life club programming. 


In addition, David Parrott is actively involved at the Women’s Committee for the AICPA National Policy Conference. He has also served as a coordinator for several programming projects which have included: a creative writing seminar; an art and culture program; a social studies program; a placement program for students who would like to pursue higher education or work in interdisciplinary fields such as education or psychology.


The higher education specialist also launched a speech communication therapy program for high-risk youth. At UF David Parrott has been involved in several projects, including the creation of a student-run counseling center, the development of educational programs for students with mental health disorders, and a student research experience program.

In addition to his academic career in UF, David Parrott has also published in the areas of child psychology and forensic psychology. In particular, he has published many articles on child and adolescent behavior problems. His work has included studies involving issues such as school refusal, anxiety disorders and depression in children, parental monitoring and children’s problem solving, delinquent behaviors in children, and clinical supervision for psychologists.

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