Don Manifold has Worked as the Adelaide Office Managing Partner

Don Manifold is a partner of the law firm Manifold Legal Group LLP, which advocates for clients in all business and real estate phases. Mr. Manifold advises clients on mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations, bankruptcies, and restructuring.

As well as representing individuals in their dealings with creditors and trustees, he counsels entrepreneurs on transactions as diverse as start-ups to financings to private placements. Mr. Manifold is also a real estate lawyer, practicing in the areas of mortgages and property tax appeals. He provides corporate rental property advisory services for companies, especially in hospitality and education.

Don Manifold has worked as the Adelaide office managing partner at four big consulting firms. At the Adelaide office, he established the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions practice and served as that office’s Managing Partner.

Don Manifold has also served as the managing partner at EY’s Mergers & Acquisitions practice in Australia, where he represented clients in such transactions as the acquisition and sale of a distressed business, the acquisition of a large industrial property portfolio, the sale of a hotel, and several joint ventures.

Before EY, Mr. Manifold was the Managing Partner of Deloitte’s South Australian office. He established Deloitte’s Financial Advisory practice and led the firm’s advising work in acquisitions, divestitures, corporate restructurings, and privatizations. He is a member of the South Australian Bar, and his clients have included major corporations from many countries.

Mr. Manifold has been a director of real estate investment companies and has been an advisor to the estates of businesspeople. He has counseled clients on many real estate transactions, ranging from the purchase of hotels to investments in some of Adelaide’s most prestigious developments.

Mr. Manifold leverages his knowledge and experience through consultancy services. He provides real estate market reports to investment companies, including fund managers and super funds.

He advises clients such as retail chains, financial services groups, and property developers on Australian real estate market opportunities. He also assists with issues regarding foreign investment in Australia.

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