Edenilso R. Arnaldi Career

Edenilso R. Arnaldi is a recognized business figure in Brazil. He is the establisher and the president of Sial Engenharia. Edenilso was born in 1962 in a place known as Sumaré District, a neighborhood to Paranavaí. He is a member of the pioneer families of Sumaré, a son of Jose Arnaldi and Adélia Rossi Arnaldi. At 17, he moved to Paraná, Maringá, 70 kilometers from his hometown. Initially, he wanted to complete his studies before venturing into business.

Edenilso’s professional career started at Banco Bradesco immediately after moving to Maringá. According to him, acquiring and working for the civil construction field has always been his area of interest, and in 1990 he bought his first construction company Sial Engenharia. Still, in the 1990s, Edenilso decided to expand his business by moving it to Cascavel. According to Edenilso, his first company, though a small venture, was a significant breakthrough in his life. The experience he gained after working for several engineering companies gave him the managerial skills that enabled him to manage his company.

In 2000, he was elected the president of the WPCCIU for 2000/2001, which allowed him to experience diverse demands in the construction industry. He has chaired the Curitiba-based State Chamber of Civil Construction between 2003 and 2004. Also, Edenilso R. Arnaldi was a State Treasurer of PSD between 2012/2013 and a candidate of Federal Deputy in 2018, where he secured almost 35,000 votes.

According to Edenilso R. Arnaldi, his success has come from his hard work and commitment to his work. Usually, he arrives at work between 7:30 a.m and 8:00 a.m before employees arrive because he likes setting an excellent example. Then, he checks his daily schedule to determine which matters are more pressing and handle them promptly. He always involves his employees when making important decisions and gives instructions to employees on how to manage tasks. Despite his busy schedule, he always creates time for his family by eating lunch at home daily.


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