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Because they are eager to lead multi-year expansion plans and revival strategies, many CFOs who have improved the economic conditions of privately owned and publicly traded companies seek to enter the private equity industry. There aren’t many chances for CFOs that provide as much potential for transformation and success as working for a private equity firm.

CFOs, on the other hand, may find it challenging to make the switch from publicly traded to privately owned firms. CFOs in the private equity industry face several unique problems, including a lack of time to meet goals, high scrutiny from investors, and the danger of losing money. Private equity firms often want regular reports from the CFO so that other management personnel can also play a role in making economic choices.

As a result, the C-suite or company history may not support a private equity CFO, often a relative newcomer to their firm (and sometimes their industry). Their forward-thinking efforts and transformative ideas require a strong team behind them.

This is why Gary McGaghey, CFO of the €1.3bn Williams Lea Tag marketing services company, provides four techniques to help CFOs flourish in private equity organizations. When the CFO can reach parity with the dynamics at play, build a solid fact base for financial decision making, uncover skills gaps in organizations, and lead with reinvention in mind, private equity concerns are considerably easier to address.

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About Gary Mcgagaghey

Gary McGagaghey has over 15 years of top management experience, including serving as CEO of a Fortune 500 company (CEO). He began his career in South Africa and has subsequently held several high-profile positions across the globe.

Extensive Work History

Initially, Gary McGaghey worked in the commercial food and home goods industries as a manufacturer. Robertsons Foods, Baker Street Snack foods, and Robertsons Homecare have employed him for nearly a decade. As he climbed the ranks, he served as Executive, CFO, and VP of Logistics at several different organizations. He was also a member of the Board of Directors and different committees.

McGaghey joined Unilever after leaving Robertsons and Baker Street. It wasn’t long before he operated in South Africa, the UK, and Switzerland. His first job was there. While serving as CFO, VP of Finance, Worldwide Manager and Acquisitions Director, and Interim CEO, McGaghey held these positions simultaneously. He was the Pepsi Lipton Global Joint Venture CFO when he left Unilever. McGaghey joined Nelsons in May of 2017. For two years, he was the Group CFO and a Mandatory Board member, Company Secretary, and member of the Executive Board.

Williams Lea Tag has hired McGaghey as its new Group CFO. He’s been among Tag for nearly two years and has been instrumental in the company’s €1.3 billion turnarounds and value development.


With honours, Gary McGaghey earned his bachelor’s graduation from the University of Natal and then his master’s degree in South Africa. The Institute Of Chartered Accountants certified McGaghey as a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Management Accountant after completing his undergraduate and graduate studies. In 2014, the Financial Times bestowed the distinction of Non-Executive Director Diplomate him. This most recent certification is equivalent to a postgraduate degree at level 7.

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