Hassan Jameel is a multinational family business

ALJ was founded in 1945 by Jameel’s grandfather. When he launched his first fuel station in Jeddah, he was humiliated. Toyota has had a distributorship or a dealership in seven countries since 1955.

It is now led by Mohammed’s son Hassan Jameel (Chairman and CEO of ALJ) and his two grandchildren, Hassan and Fady Jam. Fady Jameel is in charge of global activities. Transportation, energy, healthcare, and financial services are among the other main fields where the legendary family corporation is growing its competence. View more on Instagram to see more updates.

Hassan Jaimel’s digitalization objectives

ALJ established a B2B automotive component portal earlier this year. They want to launch a consumer platform soon. Aside from forecasting changes, the tools will assist ALJ in saving money and developing a data-centric culture. This comprises software and data specialists with access to and use of the company’s data.

Hassan Jameel hopes that by hiring more data scientists, he will be able to assist ALJ with financial, legal, and operational challenges.

Hassan Jameel backs HRH Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitions for technical innovation, which have been critical to the country’s recent economic growth. For example, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 anticipates future technologies that will enable it to reduce its carbon impact.

Learn about Japanese business philosophy.

He is preparing ALJ for the technological era by instilling Japanese business ideas in it.


Hassan Jameel attended Tokyo’s Sophia University before joining Toyota’s domestic marketing division, where he met and worked with Toyota dealers (now ALJ employees).

Jameel discovered kaizen, a Japanese company concept that promotes continuous improvement. Toyota’s operations are guided by the Kaizen principle, which permeates the company.

Digitalization, according to Jameel, is a kaizen idea. ALJ is investing in technology and people to develop and establish a culture that aligns with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision for the country’s future.

“Genchi Genbutsu is a Japanese expression that signifies Jameel learned about genchi genbutsu, a Toyota operating concept, Japan.” “Actual location, genuine thing” stresses perceiving events in their natural context.

Although technology is facilitating business change on many levels, Jameel believes ALJ will stay on the front lines of the enterprise. Employees will have to deal with technical and inventory issues face to face.

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