Infrabuild CEO Vik Bansal Believes Australia’s Manufacturing Sector Can Thrive Post-Pandemics

On July 15th, Vik Bansal of Infrabuild spoke with about how Australia’s manufacturing sector thrives post-pandemics. The article discusses the recent success story of a business in New Zealand that survived and even thrived after a pandemic hit their country. There are 11 points that Bansal mentioned as being necessary for any company looking to increase its chances of surviving a pandemic:

– Determine who will be responsible for what aspects of the plan.

– Establish a communication system.

– Calculate the amount of time, money, and resources necessary for each aspect of your business to continue functioning as usual during a pandemic.

– Work out what you need to do if there is an outbreak in Australia or New Zealand, but no one can get into or leave either country.

– Assess how long it will take before essential supplies run out and consider stockpiling those items now so that they aren’t impossible to find later on.

-Figure out how your company will communicate during a pandemic, whether through email or social media or phone calls and meetings in person. Make sure that you have enough resources to allow communication between all parties at any given time. Use multiple modes of communication rather than relying on one method because if that fails, you will fall back into chaos very quickly. – Be aware of where emergency supplies can be found near your business, so employees know exactly where they need to go when an emergency arises.- Assign specific tasks and roles within those tasks, so there’s less confusion about whose responsibility something is post-disaster. For example, if there’s a pandemic, you know that one department will be responsible for getting the food and supplies needed to keep your employees safe.

– Keep an updated list of the contact information or phone numbers on hand if cell phones are not accessible during the crisis.

– Have a production schedule in place so employees know what they should be working on and when. – Plan for both the worst-case scenario and more minor cases of emergencies that may arise during an outbreak or pandemic.

– Determine who will be responsible for what aspects of the plan.

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