Talk Fusion Starts Up New Training Program

The network marketing company Talk Fusion has began offering a new online training program called Talk Fusion University. They introduced this new program to a large international audience during a live broadcast. With the introduction of the new university, a number of people will be in position to access a virtual hub where they can get training from the company founder and CEO Bob Reina. This new university will allow associates of the company to learn more about how to build their business, make more sales and also learn more about the services this company offers. With the guidance provided by Reina, anyone will be in position to get the most out of their experience as a Talk Fusion Associate through the new online university.


In a recent interview, Bob Reina said that a person’s success in this business is not only up to an individual’s efforts but also the efforts of other people as well. He said that this whole business is like a team sport where there needs to be collaboration between associates and the people they offer the opportunity to ( When conducting business, you will need to deal with people from a variety of different backgrounds. They will come from varying educational levels, personality types and also amount of sales experience. In order to succeed in this business, you need to focus on things that work for an entire team that they can duplicate themselves in order to generate a steady income.


Talk Fusion is a company that produces the world’s first all in one video marketing solution. The company is committed to helping a number of businesses distinguish themselves from the competition along with increasing sales and profits and also keeping customers coming back to receive more assistance. With Talk Fusion, companies can find ways to make their marketing more effective through the use of videos. In 2007, Talk Fusion was established by its founder and CEO Bob Reina. He looked to put together a marketing company that provides valuable services for businesses as well as giving people the opportunity to start a business of their own. Under his leadership, Bob has expanded the company to over 140 countries worldwide.


Whitney Wolfe- The Fortunate and Charismatic Woman

Whitney Wolfe created a unique app that has brought hundreds of couples together, and it was her turn to rise and shine. The founder of Bumble on 2nd September exchanged vows with Michael Herd a Texas, oil heir. The beautiful ceremony held at one of the most prestigious villas in Positano Italy Villa Treville along the spectacular Amalfi coast. The surroundings and the shinning background offers the most romantic and happiest day for the couple. After the beautiful ceremony, the couple embarked on two country honeymoon to seal their marriage vows.  Whitney Wolfe and Herd met during the 2014 valentine days at Aspen, and it was love from the first day.

They hadn’t dated for an extended period before the couple announced their engagement and their friends are thrilled wishing them years of love and happiness. Since they met on an auspicious day, the couple believes their marriage is promising.

Herd uniquely proposed to Wolfe, he invited her to his family Sprawling Texas ranch to enjoy some horseback riding and there down on one knee Herd asked Wolfe to be her wife. The stunning wedding has taken more than one year to prepare, choosing the right gown, venue and honeymoon destination. The couple is quite notoriously in keeping their life’s private and when they settled on Amalfi coasts their family and friends were excited. The location has one of the most stunning, beautiful villas in the world; the Villa Treville offers a lavish Cliffside estate with various villas. Throughout the place has manicured gardens, pergolas, terraces, and lovely citrus fruit trees, wisteria, Roman pines, bougainvillea and unique lush vegetation making the area have a life affirming and romantic feel.

Whitney Wolfe is the chief executive officer and the founder of the favorite dating app Bumble. She is a native brought up at Salk Lake City in Utah, and with an entrepreneur spirit at only 19 years she started her first company. Wolfe schooled at Southern Methodist University where she received international studies degree, and later she joined Hatch Lab and various startup and incubators. Whitney Wolfe started Bumble a dating app that is exclusively for women in 2014, and over the shortest time, it has managed to have more than 12 million of registered users globally. Bumble operates in Austin Texas, and recently she developed BumbleBFF another platform that gives women a chance to get platonic friend’s around their areas. Additionally, BumbleBizz is another app that provides business networking services for women.